Selling Your Home

Where Should You Begin?

Firstly, you should do some homework in choosing the right agent to sell your home. Unfortunately, many people simply use a relative or friend without formally interviewing them for the job. Finding a home for an individual or couple is far from being a simple task. Agents have the important job of negotiating tens of thousands of dollars, that of which you will either have the opportunity to enjoy or quite possibly never see again. As much as you love your relatives and friends, you owe it to yourself to make sure you are getting an agent who has your best interest at heart.


Ask yourself the following questions and if you are proactive, you will want to ask your agent the same questions:

1. What experience does my agent have in selling homes in my price range?
2. Besides the MLS, how will my home be marketed?
3. What formal negotiation training has my agent acquired?
4. Can I safely say my agent will get the absolute maximum amount for my home from a qualified buyer so I can sit back and relax, knowing with 100% certainty that all my contingencies will be met in a timely manner and I will be safely guided through the closing process.

PGM wants to assure you get the best treatment throughout your home selling process, so we want you to confidently say: 

Because I chose a PGM agent, I am certain that my agent has my best interest in mind, will successfully guide me through my transaction and maximize my investment. I now know that my agent has undergone training far above and beyond what is required by the state. I have the best agent in the business, and I feel comfortable knowing everything has been to satisfy and simplify my selling experience.

While some agents may only list your property on the MLS, we realize the importance of utilizing the Internet to expose your home to as many buyers as possible. We utilize the reciprocal exposure method to access dozens of popular home search sites and work out strategic relationships with select advertising sources. Statistically, over 90% of interested homebuyers browse the Internet in search of a home before ever contacting an agent, so our method for advertising is truly successful.

Our agents can proudly say they have dedicated a significant amount of time to advertising our client’s homes on the Internet and devotion a great deal of time to selling your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Pre-Paid Listing Services

While most of our clients choose to take advantage of a traditional listing agreements, we do now offer pre-paid listing packages and a la carte services.

Services provided for Sellers:

  • Free Residential Market Analysis
  • Access to the Metropolitan Regional Information System (Multiple Listing Service)
  • Free Installation and use of Lock-Boxes
  • Internet Marketing
  • Hold Open Houses
  • Written Marketing Reports
  • Notify Top Agents of Your New Listing

**Our listing fees are based upon pricing, location, agent, listing history and additional services.